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Celebration Of Life

Here are a list of ideas to help you celebrate and remember your loved one.  Connecting you with the best funeral, grief & end-of-life resources and professionals to help you plan a meaningful end-of-life ceremony for your loved one. 

Tips For Funeral Planning


Learn what’s involved planning a funeral

 None of us likes talking about death. Or funerals. But at some point you’re going to shuffle off this mortal coil and need a funeral. You can make things easier on your family and get the send-off you want by planning your own. To some, this feels like creepy, death-obsessed prepping.  Just 21 percent of Americans have talked with a loved one about their funeral.  

Smart ways to cover the cost of a funeral   You don’t want to think about it, but at some point you are going to A) die and B) pay for the funeral. With the median cost of a traditional funeral running $8,500, you should plan for it like any other large, looming expense. You’re thinking, I’ll just set aside money in my will. That works, but it’s not the best way to go. Your survivors won’t be able to get that money until your estate wends its way through probate, which takes from a few months to a year. Since most funeral homes want full payment upfront, your survivors will have to front the funeral costs out of pocket. Here are some better ideas for covering that final bill. 


The One-Size-Fits-All Funeral Is No More  - You’re going to die. It’s inevitable. But having a stodgy, hideously expensive funeral like your grandparents did is not inevitable. You can do your send-off your way, and that’s just what boomers, Gen X-ers and even millennials are doing. They’re skipping traditional funerals and going for alternatives that are more affordable, earth-friendly and in keeping with their values. More people are cremated now than buried, and putting bodies into the ground minus the toxic embalming chemicals and steel casket is the up-and-coming trend. The days when people bought one-size-fits-all packages from a funeral home are ending, too. They’re buying funerals a la carte, combining goods and services to get what they want. Here are the basic options for a funeral.  


Below is a list of 101 of the best celebration of life ideas.  Our hope is that you are inspired to commemorate and remember the wonderful, amazing, and special person that your loved one was, both at the funeral or memorial service, and in the years to come. Are you in the midst of planning a celebration of life ceremony? We’ve created a helpful guide you through the planning process and to help you craft the perfect celebration of life ceremony that truly captures the essence of who your loved one was and celebrates his or her incredible life.

Funeral Costs & Memorial Resource Fundraising

OUR MISSION - Is to serve its communities. Uplift, inspire, empower single mothers, widows, and children. Healing forward. Also, providing service opportunities, how you can serve your community by sending out your own love ripple.  COMING SOON!

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Funeral Fundraising Tips That Can Help Cut Memorial Costs

 When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for a funeral. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses helps ease financial stress during this difficult time and allows you to focus on saying goodbye. Below, we offer funeral fundraising tips that will help you raise money to honor your loved one’s memory.



Begin fundraising for funeral and memorial costs

If you’re having trouble finding organizations that help with funeral expenses or need funds right away, GoFundMe wants to help. Through our free fundraising model, you can keep more of the money you raise and receive donations to your bank account within just a few days. Whether you’re fundraising for your family or helping a friend in need, memorial fundraising allows you to dedicate your time and energy to what matters. Sign up to create your fundraiser today.  Start a Go Fund ME

Funeral Alternatives - Life is Forever


The biodegradable burial pod that turns into a tree

 Italian designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli might have a solution. They call it Capsula Mundi -- "world's capsule" in Latin -- and it's an egg-shaped, organic casket that's suitable for ashes, too. our carbon footprint doesn't end in the grave.

While you rest in peace, the wood, the synthetic cushioning and the metals generally used in traditional coffins -- as well as the concrete around reinforced graves -- continue to litter the earth."A lot of energy also goes into producing these materials, which are used for a very short time and then buried. They're not going to break down very fast," says Jennifer DeBruyen, an Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science at the University of Tennessee. More about Capusla Mundi



Beautiful memorial art, for people and pets. Blown Glass memorials made with ash.   

See Spirit Pieces. Their lovely items are all handmade, nothing is imported from overseas.  When you order we send you a free collection kit to the put the ashes into glass.  The kits are labeled with your specific information and each artist has work flow to keep your order/cremation ashes separate from all other orders. Ashes in Teardrop Pendant Glass Memorial 

Living memorial tree with biodegradable burial urn 

Infinity Penant Necklace for Ashes 

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